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Ms Cahill & Ms Melody P1-3
Primary 1/2/3 is made up of 12 boys and girls. We are working very hard in our classroom with Mr Sisi and Ms Melody. In class we love playing and learning together. Please keep up to date with what we are doing in class by checking our website page and our Twitter posts. 

This term, primary 1/2/3 will be working hard to learn 3-4 sounds a week in class. Each day we will explore our sounds through play based activities and will have a strong focus on letter recognition and formation. For writing in class, primary 1/2/3 will be participating in our Talk for Writing programme. Within this, children will explore different stories using actions and over a 3 week block will develop their own adapted stories. Primary 1/2/3 will be following our BugClub reading scheme within literacy and each week will be allocated a new story to share with you at home. In class, we will be focusing on reading our common words each week through lots of play based activities. The children will have their new words and sounds in their folders to practise at home.


Primary 1/2/3 are going to be very busy in maths this term, beginning with shape and pattern. Through lots of play based activities, we will be exploring repeated patterns and will experience creating our own patterns. We will also be exploring both 2D and 3D shape and will be learning about the names and properties of shape. As we move on, we will be exploring numbers to 20 and beyond. Primary 1/2 /3 will be focusing on their recognition of numbers as well as exploring what each number represents. Each day in class, we will participate in a short Number Talks session where children will be encouraged to share their mental strategies and problem solving skills. 


Primary 1/2/3 have been learning all about their own talents this term and have explored the gifts God has given us. 
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